Production _ Nets

To begin with, I have produced a ratio in order to create an accurate representation of the population to the size of each box.

Ratio: 1 million = 1.5cm

I have rounded the population to make it easier when calculating the sizes.

  • London: 10M population = 150mmx105mm
  • Toyko: 13M population = 195mmx195mm
  • New Delhi: 22M population = 330mmx330mm
  • Addis Ababa: 7M population = 105mmx105mm

I created 4 nets using the Maker Case website.

I plan to make these next week.


As for colour schemes, I thought it is necessary to make the boxes opaque black as there will be different components that shouldn’t be seen, for example, weight. This also affects the use of the box as the senses won’t be seen by the eye which means the user will have to pick it up and interact with it.

This has also informed an additional area, which could possibly be an infographic which explains how each sense is used when interacting with the box. Within this graphic, it will contain a set of images that refer to each sense and explain how they are being used.

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