Production _ Infographic

I mentioned previously about making an infographic to inform the user about how the senses work within the box. I have started to design some outcomes that could be developed further.

Initial designs:

I have created a set of different ideas based on my initial design.

Initially, I thought about adding icons to represent the five senses, however I concluded that the main illustratons should be of the boxes to explain the use of it.

I have changed the layout and font sizes throughout these infographics.

Through this development, I reduced the size of the infographic to the biggest size box which was 298x298mm. I explored different layouts and font sizes but stuck with the same colour schemes and font. I did this in mind of the exhibition, the infographic will be hung next to the boxes. I wanted all the different elements to work well with one another.


I produced a prototype based on my best design and printed out the poster to see how it looks in real life. I am happy with it and it is legible. I may improve the size of the title by reducing it as I want the subheading to be the most eye-catching.

Final Outcome:

I have used a simplistic black and white colour scheme and layout to match the layout of the boxes. Also, I have changed some of the text that informs the use of the box, such as smell as it fits better and makes more sense and re-written the paragraph stating what this is all about. As for the font I have used Helvetica Neue across all of my designs as it is legible and easy to work with within the design. The font alongside the images provide an easy and well understood set of action that should take place when interacting with the box.

I plan to print this as a poster for the submission but for the exhibition I will have it engraved onto black acrylic and hung on the walls.

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