Production _ Sound


Sound relates to the rise of sea levels in each city.

  • London: 11 m
  • Tokyo: 40 m
  • New Delhi: 216 m
  • Addis Ababa: 2.5 m

To produce the sound I changed the pitch to represent how bad it is. I used Audition to manipulate the sound. I extended the sound by repetiting the pings to 1 minute

I found it extremely difficult to use the data accurately to the level of pitch. I decided to apply the effect myself by keeping the data in mind but manually moving the pitch.

I would like the sound to work by lifting each box which will trigger the sound to play. I visited CTL to gather/ find out what materials are needed to make this.


I took the audio and transferred it onto the micro SD card and into the Sparkfun


  • Sparkfun MP3 Trigger
  • Audio
  • Trigger
  • Crocodile clips
  • Wires
  • SD card
  • Plug

Putting it together


I was able to get it working, however, it did the opposite trigger that it needed to be. I also realised that having the sound on a loop for one minute was too long, I have reduced this by 20 seconds. At the moment when the trigger is down, it makes the sound. The boxes to be resting down on the trigger and when the box is picked up it should make the sound. I will need to seek some help from CTL to sort this out. Once this has been figured out, I will get more equipment, like triggers to produce more than one sound.

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