Production _ Lids + Smell

Previously one face of the box was going to have the city, country named as well as an illustration of it as a map. These were going to be vinyl transfered onto one face, however, I realised this wasn’t going to work.

As I had planned to get them printed and transferred on to vinyl, transferring them properly on to the box would have been extremely difficult, especially the individual sections of the map. It also did not help that all the boxes were glued together, so it restricted me from engraving any and I needed to apply a design to the box that would allow for the smell.

The lids of the box still needed to be made, which meant my only option was to apply these designs on to that and move the weight to a different face inside of the box. I was very lucky that the movement of modelling clay was very easy as if I added cement I would have had to start from scratch. With this being said, I needed to design an additional element of smell into the lid of the box. I wanted it to be placed, again to the top face of the box but ultimately couldn’t be able to do this because of the faces being stuck together.


After receiving feedback, a suggestion was to remove the map of the country as it wasn’t nessessary to have this and looked better without this, I agreed.

It was an advantage to removing the map as I was able to add different elements, in this case smell. I decided to add three circles to the top right of the box next to the letters

I kept all the sizes of the circles the same size across all four boxes.

Laser cutting:

I got the nets laser cut.

I decided to test how the smell would work with is. I bought some black foam and cut it and attached it to the back of the lid.

Unexpectedly applying the foam did not work and the glue ran through the circles which ruined the front of the lid. Also, the surface area was too small which most likely was the cause of this. As for the foam, I will need to buy something or cut it into a cube or a circle so that there is enough space to glue it down and evenly distribute the smell. I am yet to decided what smell I will be using.

Overall, I wasn’t happy with the outcome, the circles are too small it looked very cramped which affected the overall look of the lid. Keeping all the circles the same size doesn’t work as it throws the proportions off, especially on the New Dehli box and getting any smell through a very small area may be too difficult. Also, some the boxes where not draw up to the correct size so it did not fit the box correctly.

I learnt a lot throughout this stage of production through prototyping and understanding how important layout is.

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