Production: Lids + Smell .02

I went back to the drawing board and decided to make up some more designs for the lids of the boxes.

I chose to enlarge everything and look at different placements using the same elements of the first prototype. I still wasn’t too happy with how large the circles were so still keeping a circle form I decided to use smaller circles in a repeated pattern.

To this new design, I have enlarged the cities to a larger size so that it fills the width of the lid. I have produced a new design for the smell, rather than three circles I have created a repeated pattern which I think looks better in terms of aesthetics. To this pattern, I have added a circle around it to signify that there is a sense there – the inforgraphic states this too.

To test this and see what it looks like physically, I printed it to check proportions.

They looked good and were ready to get cut. I plan to get the letters and large circle engraved into the acrylic and the smaller circles laser cut.

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