Production _ Lids + Smell .03

Laser cutting of lids:

Using the nets I created yesterday I got the lids laser cut/engraved. I am extremely happy with how they turned out, better than I expected. I was able to get the dimensions exactly to the size of the text and the smell was well sized a proportioned to the whole box.


Smell represent the level of energy consumption in each city.

  • London: 309 billion kwh
  • Tokyo: – 64 billion tons
  • New Delhi: 114 billion kwh
  • Addis Ababa: 9 billion kwh

To produce the smell I have chosen to use coffee as it is a source of energy and works well when making the different intensity of scents.

Coffee ratio: 1 tsp spoon = 20,000 kWh

  • London: 15.5
  • Tokyo: 3
  • New Delhi: 6
  • Addis Ababa: 1/2

Water ratio: 1 : 2

  • London: 30ml
  • Tokyo: 6ml
  • New Delhi: 12 ml
  • Addis Ababa: 1 ml

In terms of adding the smell, I have bought a packet of 30ml dropper bottles which I can pour into each hole. This will not only for easy access in adding more of the sent but allows me to glue the lid down onto the box.

I tried representing these measurements but it was too difficult for the water to keep it in a liquid state due to the amount of coffee that needed to be added. Each bottle that will hold the coffee is 30ml, instead I will take that amound and added the right amount of coffee to this.

In regards to the material, I have changed it from foam to makeup sponges.

I wanted there to be some thickness to the sponge so that it could take a lot of the smell but I couldnt find anything like this. It also didnt help that the sponge was white, it needed to be black.

However I was still having problems with the time took to soak up the water. I tried to find alternative ways to findouther materials that would soak up the water better. I decided to try a washing up sponge. I tested how fast it would take for the water would soak in, and the washing up sponge worked instantly, compared to the makeup sponge which the water just layed there.

The washing up sponge was the best to go with.

The sponges were large squares so I cut them down according to the size of the circle. I reprinted the nets to figure out the sizes and made sure to add at least 2cm to each size. I made sure to leave a border which gave more surface area, it also allowed for enough space to glue them down without them running into the holes.

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