Production _ Sound .02

Previously I was able to get the sound working using an Sparkfun MP3 Trigger. At the moment when the trigger is pressed it makes a sound. For my boxes to work, it needs to do the opposite. When the boxes are laid onto the trigger and when the the user picks up the boxes the sound plays.

I went to CTL to find out how to change this. They mentioned using an Arduino to do this change.

Setting it up:

Throughout my projects, I haven’t used Arduino so I was unsure about how to produce the code, luckily I was able to get help in this. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues which the technicians were not able to figure out. But we plan to get this sorted tomorrow.

Other updates:

I have not been able to come up with an idea for taste but I plan to have that complete for the exhibiton. I have had some thoughts, such as sweet/sourness of a type of data.

I am yet to print out my infographic but it will be on poster card.

Through the creation of the boxes, the lids have become scratched due to wear and tare which efftecs the overall look of the boxes. For the submission I will tape these down but they will be laser cut for the exhbition.

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