Crit & Improvements

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We had a good crit, we were able to show three visualisations and received feedback based on our ideas.

I received feedback, as expected on the visualisation I created. They also mentioned about showing the data in a different way which I agreed with. I do not think it was the best way of showing the data, considering it contained different information.

Furthermore, we were in more ideas on developing the frequency of three categories interface by possibly merging the shapes together, to form more of connection between the data.

Our last interface received good feedback, we wanted to add further information to it so that it’s more informative.


Later on decided to respond to the feedback and add to our designs and make them accessible on the web :

Visualisation 1:

I decided to show the movement of data that travels through each point. Each number corresponds to the location and frequency of the email to reach its goal. It will inform the user of the journey it takes.

Web 1920 – 5Web 1920 – 8Web 1920 – 7Web 1920 – 9Visualisation 2:

To improve this further, the data has been moved closer together and a home and arrow button has been added to create more interaction.

Web 1920 – 4Web 1920 – 6Web 1920 – 7Web 1920 – 5

Visualisation 3:

To improve this, a hover effect was added to give you information about specific incoming emails. Additionally when you hover over a city with the mouse it displays the list of all the emails that have been received from various brands example Amazon.

Try Vis 02 2.png

Overall I think the feedback given was necessary as it has created and developed the understanding of the interfaces.

Final Outcome

I found the designing side of the project very challenging due to the time constraints and creating a visualisation that could be clearly understood. Also due to the element I had created/ used, I found the positioning of the elements quite difficult because of the different structures and sizes.

Visualisation 1: 

I have created a visualisation to represent the data I collected which was based on recent online purchases.

Web 1920 – 4

Web 1920 – 1

Web 1920 – 2

Web 1920 – 3

This is the main interface. It shows email frequency, two server location times and the price of the product. I thought they were important elements to include as it can form a persona of a persons spending habits and it’s using a data in a way to learn about a person. As for the design of this, I have used a circle formation in order to show the different levels of importance, for example, the belt has a high email frequency which can clearly be seen compared to the other information. However, I think there are better ways to visualise this data as it can be misleading, for example, the time. Sometimes are the same but maybe misunderstood due to the hierarchy of the circle.

Visualisation 2: 

Web 1920 – 4Web 1920 – 3Web 1920 – 2

Each section represents the number of emails sent. They have been divided into different colours to represent each email but as a whole, they come under the same topic. Dots have been used to represent the number of emails received rather than just the number to show where emails are most populated. This means the more dots, the more emails. Also most people design with the number rather than the amount, I have decided to do this within my design.

Visualisation 3:

Try Vis 02.png

This visualization represents incoming emails from U.S.A to London where they are located. The design takes a minimal approach to highlight the key pieces of information it shows the different city’s the emails are originating from and a key shows how many different emails are originating from the same city.

Idea Development & Data Collection

After some time we found the original topic we were interested in (food/drink) may too hard to visualise and collect the data for in the amount of time we had remaining. Iritza had an idea previously that he was unable to execute on his own, we decided to give this a try.

Idea Development:

Using the IP addresses, we have decided to look at Irtiza’s mail due to the large scale he receives (20,00), this will give us a broad range of data to look at. But it needs to be specific due to the time constraints of this project.


By using IP addresses, we will be able to locate the servers where the mail comes from. We will be looking specifically at:

  • San Francisco – is the most recent country he has visited
  • London –  the place of current residency
  • France – a country he has never been to
  • Pakistan – the place of birth

This will allow us to build up a persona based on the individual.

Data Collection:

The brief stated that we must produce three web-based data visualisations, due us being a group of three, we decided to create a visualisation ourselves using the same data, alongside the help of our peers.

We decided to create:

  • Visualisation 1
    • Recent online purchases
        • Brand
        • Price
        • Location
        • Time bought
  • Visualisation 2
    • The frequency of emails in 3 categories
        • Shopping
        • Subscriptions
        • Education
  • Visualisation 3
    • Servers from America to London
        • General emails

I decided to design recent online purchases based on specific things that Irtiza had bought, these are high-end luxury items such as belt, sunglasses and a wallet. I was able to trace back the items as they bought online to see the location of the server.

Introduction to Data Truths

This brief asks us to use the same data to design three web-based visualisations. These can be complementary – reinforcing a single narrative – or contradictory – depicting three different narratives.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 18.15.50

We looked a few examples one being how things correlate with each other such as:

I thought this was quite interesting as its using personal data in and projected in a humorous way.


34017819_10212415112634725_962061640533016576_n-1I decided to pair up with Gwyn and Irtiza for this project. We started to come up with some initial thoughts and ideas that we could possibly develop:

  • Bank statements
    • Money spend at university?
    • Online banking
  • Contactless / pin / cash
  • Planes
    • Air miles
  • Journeys – transportation
  • Food
    • French fry consumption (Google image)
  • Buying and selling
  • Postal
    • Airmail
  • Internet history


We then chose specific areas of interest and broken them down further into a brainstorm:


  • Tube
  • Audio
  • Touch taste – 5 senses
  • Modes of transport
  • GPS
  • Places/ Countries
  • Photos

We were especially interested in photos.


  • Bills
  • Budgets
  • Fraud
  • Transactions
  • Bills
  • Personal payments
  • Refunds/ Purchases
  • Overdraft
  • Food/drinks
  • Contactless/pin

We were especially interested in contactless/pin and transactions.


  • Country
  • Food/drinks
  • Time of day
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly
  • Costs

We were especially interested in food/drinks.

I think we did a good brainstorm as we were able to come up with lots of ideas and it really helped us scale our thoughts down. Overall we were interested in the consumption of food/drinks and feel that we could possibly continue with this topic.